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Delicious Food

1415 Clinton Street, 2nd floor Linden, NJ 07036

Welcome to Maureen's Taste

Orders should be placed at least hours in advance, 72 hours are more for an order of 7-10 people and one week for larger orders.

Callaloo and Saltfish Empanadas

This delicious meal gives you a balance of what's crunchie on the outside and deliciously healthy on the inside, it is also vegan friendly.

Tofu Stir Fry

Using tofu as your choice of meat instead of meat base products can be just as delicious, and is it prepared just as you would if you're using meat chicken, or beef. Go ahead give it a try.

Avocado Toast

It is simple, healthy & delicious. The good thing about this meal is, it can be eaten whenever you like. You can have it for breakfast and lunch and enjoy it just as much for dinner.

About Us

Maureen’s Taste is created with the intent that many conversations or events will be hold while eating something that I have created from an engagement party, birthday party, anniversaries or just because.

One thing I know for sure is that good food can bring loved ones together. It is even known to mend a few fences. That is why I have always found a reason to cook. I am a foodie who loves to cook and to entertain friends and families, especially during the holiday season. I have always gotten the pleasure of seeing the faces and hearing the chatter of people enjoying something that I have prepared. It has open doors to some of the most memorable conversations that I can remember.

I am encouraged by families telling me that I should be putting my dishes out there for others to enjoy. It is my delight for others to indulge in my mouth-watering recipes filled with Island Spice.

Recent Blog

Using plant based meat substitutes in desired meat recipes, is all what you need.

Being a foodie and a follower of flexitarian diet my platter has always been a mix of vegetarian
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